I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.

John 10:10


The glory of God is the human person fully alive.

St Irenaeus


  1. God wants life for us.
  2. The purpose of our life is to learn how to love.
  3. Where the action in our life is, God is present and active.
  4. God does not send us pain and suffering, but works with us in them for good.
  5. The paradigm of death/resurrection is key to understanding our existence.
  6. God can and should be imaged in countless ways, no image being adequate to the mystery.
  7. God often appears in human form.
  8. We are neither naturally good nor naturally evil, but immensely malleable and ultimately responsible for our own becoming.
  9. God’s will for us is found within our own deepest wanting.
  10. Good people are tempted by what seems morally or spiritually good.

Thomas Hart, Hidden Spring: The Spiritual Dimension of Therapy


“I’m perfectly at ease with whatever comes… I’m looking forward to a new adventure.”

Jimmy Carter

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2 thoughts on “A Manifesto

  1. The quote from St Irenaeus reminds me how much I loved Blake’s Proverbs of Hell when I was still a devout and celibate member of a Catholic religious order, including:

    The pride of the peacock is the glory of God.

    The lust of the goat is the bounty of God.

    The wrath of the lion is the wisdom of God.

    The nakedness of woman is the work of God

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  2. Recently I have been reflecting on the quote from St Irenaeus and wondering if it follows that ‘the shame of God is the human person not fully alive’ (i.e. suffering from anguish, depression or mental health issues). I had been feeling fully alive myself – in a spirit of thankfulness – but wondering why others often don’t.

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