“The great turning point in your life comes not when you realize that you love God but when you realize and fully accept the fact that God loves you.”

Anthony de Mello


I am fundamentally directed towards God.

That means my deepest desire is for God

and to be the person God created me to be.

That’s God’s desire too

and there is never a moment when his love is not at work

drawing me towards him

making me into the person he created me to be

making me more and more capable of accepting and receiving his constant, unconditional love

and drawing everyone around me closer and closer towards him.

God is always already at work

So my part is to allow him

to open and let go

to let go and let God

and I do that by listening to the good voices

not the bad:

the voice of love

the voice of faith

the voice of hope

the voice of joy

and the voice of gratitude.

Because God is never at rest, I can be sure that he is constantly at work in my own life.

In fact, there is not a single thing that happens in my life that he has not either brought about, or is not at work in.

There is no area of my life in which I cannot meet him.

Therefore, dear God, help me to look for you in all things

find you in all things

allow you to find me in all things—

and give me the genius

that recognises you in every encounter.


Come dwell in me

and make me your home.*


*I am indebted to other writers, including Ruth Burrows and Margaret Silf, for some of the phrases used in this prayer, which I say every day.

4 thoughts on “in simplicitate cordis: in simplicity of heart

  1. Well thank God for that ! ❤️
    A very comforting thing to read this morning and indeed a restful one. A restful surrendering of Faith to the safety of God.
    Thank you , Cassandra

    Liked by 1 person

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